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Idiosyncratic and Wistful

Eccentric and Undeviating

13 August 1981
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[the girl] Somandalicious is precisely that. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. She enjoys tormenting her cat Ziggy Stardust, dancing to hot 80’s beats and singing Glee hits in the shower. She writes fantastic voyages with a magic quill and is only marrying Trouble because he reminds her of Draco. Although she is a mother, she is also quite the comedienne, a self-described walking thesaurus (RAWRR) and bitingly clever. She likes to mod, validate and play Sims3 because it is the equivalent of being an all powerful Diety.

[her loves] harry potter. LOST. Project Runway. Glee. Ghost Hunters. Dirty Jobs. America's Next Top Model. Your Mom. Proudly ships: draco/hermione, pansy/harry alice/jasper, kate/sawyer, rachel/finn hermione/theo, draco/chesterfield, brian/shanked, scorpius/rose.

[for you] I love friends. and I love to make those friends laugh. feel free to add as long as you let me know so that I may add you back.

heart and soul, i fell in love with you
heart and soul, the way a fool would do
because you held me tight
and stole a kiss in the night

[draco + hermione]

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